Body nutritherapy

Vital Water

Water runs through the Earth’s veins and provides life for all organisms. Much like the circulatory system exists to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout our body, water is the blood of the earth.

Water is essential for life. It flows through all living organisms nourishing our vital energy all the way down to a single molecule. Strength, beauty and intelligence…..there is so much more to water than meets the eye! The way it behaves and transforms – it appears to have a mind of it’s own!

Water falls from the sky and filters down the mountains into streams.
Winding through rocky paths, it picks up elements and trace minerals to nourish all living things.
Water flows in a continuous loop, always circular in motion at it’s best, using rocks to aerate and energize itself naturally.

the water cycle……

Evaporation is one of the major processes in this cycle. It transfers water from the surface of the Earth into the atmosphere.
The Circulatory System, like the water cycle, is continuous movement in a circular motion throughout our body. It is a constant, never sleeping movement that supplies us with vital energy we call our life force.