To Weigh or Not to Weigh…

Ahhh! The dreaded bathroom scale. Turn that frown upside down. There’s mostly good news about using a scale to check your weight. The only not so good news is that it doesn’t tell you how healthy you are.

Here’s the good news about using a scale:

  • It tells the TRUTH about what is going on with your daily eating habits.
  • It helps keeps you on track to stay within a healthy body weight.
  • It links to your phone which is a fun, easy way to maintain health.
  • Some scales can display body fat ratio in addition to weight.
  • If you continue to gain or lose weight – something’s up and you know it’s time to seek a professional.

I use the Withings Scale simply because I liked the Bluetooth capability, but you can most certainly use any scale that works. It’s like ab workouts, you don’t need to do it everyday. I like to weigh 2x/week if I’m working towards a goal. Otherwise, I weigh 1-2x/quarter just to stay in check.