The Sound of Silence

I had every intention to work on Sunday to be better prepared for the week ahead. But that plan changed when I opened up an email from a colleague on a rant. Nope, not today! I shut my laptop and went to the gym instead – time to get gritty.

There I was – minding my own business, cruising through my workout and Disturbed makes their entrance on Pandora radio with ‘The Sound of Silence.’ O.M.G. The gate was opened and I unleashed the beast! Who knew Disturbed would put a spin on the original song like this? The passion in his rugged voice awakened my soul and Active Meditation was engaged.

active meditation….

Active Meditation is when the mind/body connection is in sync. The mind shifts to auto-pilot and the body shifts to cruise control. The mind is totally disengaged with all of the superficial thoughts such as to-do lists, goals to achieve, places to go, and unfinished projects to tackle. A sense of peace and euphoria sets in and the soul drives the vehicle. This is what exercise does for me and what I love to teach to my clients.

Before the calm is an overflow of thoughts running through my mind: A friend who is struggling with some personal issues, pops into my mind. As a coach, we have to let our clients find their own way out, but it’s tough to watch sometimes. Then, a work issue comes to mind and frustration surfaces. I think of another client that overcame cancer but now eats her way through stressful situations. She deals with stress at work, goes home to more stress, and medicates with food and drugs.

Next, I think about Naruto and why I love this anime. Naruto has an unbelievable willpower that never waivers in spite of circumstances. He has a higher purpose that enables him to overcome in every situation. He is forever evolving…and the storyline is deeper than it appears.

Then my mind goes back to the email that started this awesome workout in the first place. Why is this guy allowed to get away with childish games? Why doesn’t anyone say anything to him? Why do people feel like they have to conform to those around them? Why do people conform in spite of what their heart and gut tell them to do? Welcome to 2 minutes in my mind. This is the storm before the calm.

flow state….

Exercise is how I reach my flow state. Our bodies were created to move. Period. The music in my ears continues and the chaos of the day echoes the sounds that can feel like shackles and chains.…like dying a slow death. Exercise awakens my soul and takes control of my monkey mind. In this moment I am reminded of the Bible verse: ‘Do not conform to the patterns of the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” Ahh…my mantra for my life. It has guided me on my path of purpose and brings me to peace and calm.

“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again”…..thus the Song of Silence resonates with my soul. Here I am….in the darkness….again. It’s not the kind of darkness that you might think. It’s the kind of darkness necessary for growth. Like the darkness of a seed planted, covered in the dirt, waiting in silence….waiting to be watered and fed…to be nourished by the Light. The seed is slowly growing, little by little until that time comes when the acorn becomes the big solid Oak – for the birds to perch on her branches – as they rest before going their own way.

Peace is the destination of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. The Lord leads us down this path of Peace….HIS path….in HIS timing…not ours. It’s a journey, with twists and turns, hills and valleys and people…good and bad. We learn everything we’re suppose to along the way. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Lessons meant to nourish our souls and grow stronger so that we have the confidence to move forward… further down our path. As we gain the strength to become true to ourselves, in spite of how others think we should be, then we learn how to help others that are in that place where we once were….in the darkness…..waiting to be nourished. It starts with a whisper, God’s whisper…. in the sound of silence.

#Mojo No Mo

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