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Death of a loved one is painful. Period. But when death of a loved one is sudden and tragic, it pierces us through the heart and squeezes everything out… down to the bone. In shock, we begin to live one day at a time, numb and in a daze. We’re haunted by guilt and remorse […]

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good vibrations

music…. Music is vibration. Music can affect our feelings and emotions, which result in our moods. The music I play in the morning is different from the music I play in the afternoon. It is different from the music I play when I exercise or go out dancing. Raise your vibration through music. emotions…. Emotions […]

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The Taoist masters recognized the power of smiling energy. They practiced an Inner Smile which opens up the flow of chi. Chi energy is our vital energy that moves throughout our body to nourish our internal organs as well as our subtle bodies. Tai Chi masters believe your chi is ten times more powerful if […]

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In the mountains, among the trees, on a trail….in nature, these are a few of my favorite things. They resonate with my soul. Do the things that make your heart sing! Do them often to stay grounded…practice…live it…then pass it on! Deer in the forest birds sing in the treetops Hot coffee, firepit sun rise […]

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Proverbs 4:21-27 speaks to holistic health. Health starts in our mind. thoughts… the action of thinking. Thoughts are vibrational energy that have the power to create. So be cautious of your thoughts and what you are creating. Keep only the positive and let the negative pass by like clouds in the sky. Be the sunshine, […]



The principle of Yin and Yang shows us how opposite forces work together to create balance. Yang (white) is strong and masculine. Yin (black) is soft and feminine. Yang is warm, light, and active, while Yin is cold, dark, slow and so on. This is the epitome of dualism, however neither can be dominant or […]