Active Meditation

I have run so fast halfway through my long run that I know my spirit took the reins and led my body. I just let go…. and my Spirit SOARS!  I can even close my eyes while running and feel utter euphoria…. peace and oneness with God and everything around me. I know it sounds a little crazy, but there is something transcendent and euphoric about running…… once you get past the struggle of the first 2 miles. 


When I run, I meditate, I lose myself, I get into the flow state – where I’m firing on all cylinders….effortlessly. I find sunshine even on a cloudy day. Most importantly, I receive answers to unanswered prayers. Running centers my mind…..mindless, timeless, and ego-less centering. It takes me to that place where all things make sense – yes, the happy place!


“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”


Integrative Coaching is about unlocking a person’s innate potential to guide them towards success. It is motivation, discipline, strategy and inspiration all rolled up into action.

Grit & Grace

Trail Running…..


Trail races are not as fast as road races because there are so many OBSTACLES.  But if you see the obstacles as challenges, you never let it stop you or dishearten you. You embrace the obstacle and decide – do I go over it, or around it….. and such is life.

Conserving energy is another factor – you have to go as fast as you can, but not too fast that you slip with rocks under your feet. Or not too fast that you expend your energy with the uphill climbs and have nothing left for the end. Or not too fast that you miss the small root sticking up from the ground and face plant. So how do you know when to go fast or when to conserve? You go inward, listen to your body, get out of your head, trust your gut and become one with your environment.

Bonding with nature. Being outdoors….breathing, sweating, pushing, flowing, letting go…….


and into the FOR*REST I go…….