Move Mountains


Wake up and Smell the Routine!

I get it, nobody likes routines. It goes totally against being free, chill, spontaneous…and everything else fun. But when it comes to our health, routines are an important key to self-maintenance. 

Even though we may not like routines, we have them anyway. Our daily routine becomes a habit. A habit is something we do without thinking – it is automated behavior… heading to the refrigerator when we walk through the front door after work…whether or not we’re hungry.

So think about the routine you have in the morning and ask yourself, “what am I doing to give me health and happiness today?” Take a look at your 1st hour and incorporate 2 healthy things. Keep doing it and before you know it, it will become your morning routine. Do the same thing 1 hour before going to bed.

Wellness Wisdom: Before a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit, it starts with a healthy routine. Be mindful about your routines and healthy habits will become a by-product.

Grit & Grace

morning routine

Wake up with the right mindset. When creating your routine, be careful what you put in your head before you go to bed. These are the thoughts that you will wake up to in the morning.

evening routine

Waking up fresh with vital energy is influential to a successful morning routine. This would make preparing for a restful night’s sleep, the most important part of the evening routine.

For example, your sleeping environment should be cozy, quiet, and dark with a comfortable cool temperature. Journal the thoughts/to-do list that will keep you awake and then listen to meditative music that brings you peace of mind. Breathe slowly. Ahhh!

rolling routines

In business we have rolling plans to accommodate for unexpected ‘happenings’. Flexibility is important when creating any routine if we want to keep moving forward. Routines are simply meant as a guideline, not a strict, all-or-nothing type of mandate. For instance, if you plan to add herbal supplements to your morning routine and an emergency pops up that causes you to miss your morning dosage, simply take them when you get home. Try again tomorrow until it becomes a habit. Be forgiving with yourself.

If you want to move mountains, create a routine and practice discipline.

Grit & Grace