Living Water


Water thrives with movement….and so do we. Which should be no surprise since our body is 70% water. Movement provides the energy and vitality water needs to breathe and flow freely for optimal circulation.

Crashing into rocks, water energizes itself. Movement is necessary for health of all living things, including water.


Water is fluid, soft and yielding. It will wear away rock which is rigid and cannot yield….what is soft is strong. ~ Tao te Ching


Does water have consciousness? If consciousness manifests in the form of vibration, and vibration is energy, and energy is in water, then the answer is yes. Water contains consciousness.


All living things communicate through vibration. Water is a conduit for communication.

Water crystals form in beautiful shapes when prayed over or spoken to with positive words/vibrations.


When living things thrive we grow, flow, and continually develop strength. When we stop thriving, we become stagnant. Water is no different.

When movement is stifled from water it becomes a breeding ground for biofilms, bacteria and parasites.

If we can see the difference between stagnant water and healthy water, just imagine what stagnation does to the body?