Body nutritherapy

The Medicine Man

Hippocrates – Father of Medicine – (460 bce-375 bce) – lived to be 104 years old. Although some may not want to live that long, it is quite an accomplishment considering biotechnology and pharmaceuticals were non-existent 2400 years ago.

Hippocrates was highly honored for saving Athenians from a plague epidemic. He learned about health and medicine from his teacher Democritus, “the laughing philosopher” a/k/a the Father of Atomic Theory. Ahh, they knew long ago that the phenomena of biology and philosophy run deep and that laughing is also a natural medicine!

Hippocrates contributed to health and medicine by sharing the secrets he found in caring for our bodies and treating disease. He was a scientist, a researcher, a philosopher, and a humanitarian. We continue to use his insight and fusion of philosophy, biology, organic chemistry, and quantum physics to achieve optimal health.