Just Move!

Where do we start when we want to lose weight or revive our existing health/fitness program? Move! Just move.

Movement is the catalyst for energy flow. For example, before I can change my diet, create a new workout plan or just implement a new routine in general, I go for a run.  Running is my catalyst for creating results. This is because movement morphs into cardio exercise which increases our energy levels and mental sharpness. It sparks both a physiological and psychological change that results in transformation.

Not a runner? Walking, dancing, kickboxing, karate, tai chi – any kind of fluid continuous movement that elevates the heartrate and gives your circulatory system a boost will enhance your health. Even simple activities like cleaning the house count toward a calorie deficit and enhanced health. It’s called non-exercise activity thermogenesis. 🤓 Yes, that’s a thang! So crank up the music, clean house and throw in a 15 min. dance session to lift your mood.

Fun Fact: Bruce Lee loved to dance. Which obviously lends to his grace in his martial arts form.

the mind/body connection

Movement is empowering! Cardio exercise creates neuro-chemical changes in the brain equivalent to morphine which can give us that feeling of euphoria aka ‘the runner’s high.’ Although not everyone has euphoric workouts, statistics show that most everyone feels better after any type of exercise. They also manifest health benefits such as increased energy, enhanced mood and restful sleep. 

Pay attention to how you feel before and after your cardio exercise for positive biofeedback. For example, if we run, we may feel empowered with a feeling of freedom and perseverance. If we lift weights, not only do our muscles feel strong, but our spirit feels strong as well..… like we ‘Can do all things!’ With karate, it gives us confidence and strength. Tai Chi brings peace and focus. This new awareness encourages us to repeat this activity frequently, creating a routine or habit.

It is by opening and syncing our mind/body connection that empowers us to accomplish our goals. Using exercise/movement for healing and optimizing health is the holistic approach to healthcare. It is why it is used as therapy for physical illness such as diabetes and arthritis, as well as mental illness such as depression, eating disorders and addictions.

‘Movement is the catalyst for healing. It causes a chain reaction of physiological changes that jump start a healthy mind and body.

~Grit & Grace