The Struggle is Real.

You may find comfort in knowing that every client struggles. Even though we all have good intentions, once the motivation wears off, finding balance between self-care, family and a career is a struggle. In general, change is a struggle. Look at how the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.

When my clients struggle, I struggle too…. in creating ways to help them accomplish their goals. Today I’m struggling with a solution for one of my clients so I opted for a different approach with him. Instead of diet and exercise to achieve his New Year’s resolution, I decided to flip it and add healthy habits to his daily routine. Keepin’ it Real – transformation is not an overnight success anyway. So if my client is struggling to give 100% for various reasons, let’s focus on improving health and maybe transformation will be the by-product.

Patience may not be my strongest virtue, but I AM optimistic! The road to success isn’t a straight path, but if you keep moving forward, you will reach your goal!

How to Stay the Course:

  • Take a Time Out – step back and breathe. Reflect and evaluate what’s preventing you from moving forward.
  • Pick one or two healthy habits to add instead of eliminating everything at once.
  • MOVE – go for a walk or to the gym. Get your energy flowing.
  • Remember the struggle is only temporary. Anticipate strength and growth on the other side.
  • Hire a Coach – a Coach can help recognize obstacles that you may not be able to see and create ways to overcome them.

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