The principle of Yin and Yang shows us how opposite forces work together to create balance. Yang (white) is strong and masculine. Yin (black) is soft and feminine. Yang is warm, light, and active, while Yin is cold, dark, slow and so on. This is the epitome of dualism, however neither can be dominant or it will cause the whole to become unbalanced. The opposites are meant to compliment each other since they are interconnected (yin is in yang, and yang is in yin), which makes them dependent upon each other. Harmony is the result of the two opposite forces coming together in unison and complimenting each other beautifully.

Yin / Yang Energy

To achieve optimal health, a balance of Yin and Yang energy is essential. Yin and Yang energy can be found internally fueling the vital organs. This vital energy, also known as chi, is in a constant flow, circulating throughout the body and it provides homeostasis, or balance. You will not find this kind of energy in stimulants such as coffee, pre-workout, or energy drinks. As a matter of fact, these stimulants can actually rob our bodies from it’s natural vital energy leaving us feeling wired and irritable. Vital energy is an organic kind of energy manifested through awareness and proper maintenance of our physical body. So practicing to balance our yin/yang energy deserves daily attention in order to maintain our health.

With daily practice of exercise, nutrition and meditation/prayer to nourish and strengthen our mind, body and soul, we balance our chi. Otherwise, the flow of vital energy can become blocked by our responses to daily stressors. Blocked vital energy will cause an internal imbalance of yin or yang and can open the door for illness and disease.

What does Balance look like?

Finding balance varies for everyone, and the amount of time for one to achieve balance is also on an individual basis. Balance isn’t something that we can freeze in time and keep forever – as everything in nature is in constant flux. Balance is forever changing, like the seasons. So strive for balance throughout each day, instead of as an end result.

Balance looks like this: wad up a piece of paper and stand 20 ft. away from a small trash can. Toss your paper ball into the trash can. It may land too far to the right – adjust and try again. It may land too far to the left – adjust again. The next time, it lands behind the trash can. Once again, you adjust. Eventually you will hit the trash can in the dead center. But when you do, someone moves the trash can! It’s ok, because you already know the game. Just find your focal point and adjust again. This is balance.

Everything in nature seeks balance, organisms as well as the environment. We all seek balance and harmony in our lives. But yet we are always in a constant state of change. When we accept this, we learn to adjust, flow like water, and live in harmony.

Balance of Nature – A small change will be corrected by some negative feedback that will bring the parameter back to its original “point of balance” with the rest of the system. 

Harmony – Integration of * Mind * Body * Soul *

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