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One molecule of water is very simple, yet it can magically transform and do so many things. It is the only substance on Earth that transforms into 4 states.

fun facts….

  • About 1 million microscopic organisms are living their lives in every single drop. Oct 20, 2011
  • There are over 1.5 sextillion molecules in a drop of water and more than 5 sextillion atoms per droplet. Aug 27, 2019
  • New droplet-based electricity generator: A drop of water generates 140V power, lighting up 100 LED bulbs – ScienceDaily.Feb 5, 2020
  • Water is present both inside and outside cells. It is present outside cells in blood plasma and other body fluids.
  • It is the main ingredient in DNA. All proteins are made of water, and most chemical reactions in cells require water.


Different states of water – solid, liquid, gas

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So if we can’t create energy, where does it come from? It is transformed from one state to another.

Water is the only substance on Earth that transforms into four physical states – solid/ice, liquid/water, gas/steam, and gel. For example, it is a solvent to dilute and transport chemicals and nutrients and is exhaled as water vapor from our lungs.

Because of the positive and negative bonds of hydrogen and oxygen, water molecules bind easily to anything. They act like a hyperactive child always looking for something to do or bind to in order to create something new!