Mind Physics Quotes

good vibrations

Quantum physics takes physics to the next level. In the past, that which could not be proven, was not considered to be real. However, we now know that this was largely due to lower levels of technology. The advancement of technology has shed light on what great scientists once knew, but could not prove.


Music is vibration. Music can affect our feelings and emotions, which result in our moods. The music I play in the morning is different from the music I play in the afternoon. It is different from the music I play when I exercise or go out dancing.

Raise your vibration through music.

Thank you to those before us who chose to think outside the box, color outside the lines, and explore off the beaten path.


Emotions are energy/vibration. Match your vibration to music or laugh…a big belly laugh always raises vibrations. That’s why they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Ahh, the laws of physics!