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Consciousness is the foundation by which optimal health is cultivated. We do not exist without consciousness. It is the invisible essence of our being. It is in us and surrounds us. It is everywhere. There is nowhere it is not. It is at the heart of realizing our potential, as our potential is governed by consciousness. When we feel consciousness in our heart, we are in alignment with God. God is in our consciousness. In us, with us…we are one.

All of our inspirations and achievements came from a thought that resonated with our soul. But these passions and creative insights are first sparked by consciousness. It can show up as an ‘Ah-ha’ moment, or it can show up as a subtle feeling – a warm sense of peace or calm. Either way, it feels right with our soul because consciousness comes from above.

When we break apart the word “inspired,” we find it comes from two words “in” and “spirit.” The word literally means “in spirit.” In other words, when you are inspired by something, it means that you are living in line with your spirit.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

If consciousness originates from above, optimal health is achieved by aligning our awareness of consciousness with our soul, mind and body to attain wholeness. Ironically, wholeness, holy, heal, health and happiness are all derived by the same root word. When we realize this, we gain a new respect for our body and understand how the subtle bodies are entangled with the physical body for a higher purpose.

When we tune into our consciousness and learn to integrate this connection, we are able to use this accessible knowledge and power to improve our pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental well-being, and spiritual growth). We also align with God and suddenly understand what we need to do to become whole. Optimal health is the by-product. This is the essence of Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine.

The Heirarchy of Health is grounded in Consciousness. It descends from the Spirit and manifests into the Body.

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