I’m grounded. My doctor grounded me from running for a bit. But instead of going down that dark rabbit hole where negative thoughts can take us, I embrace the challenge, turn inward and ask God – ‘What is the lesson in this?’ Now, I wait anxiously for the answer.

It’s all about perception. There is always a positive side to things. Where do we wish to put our focus, on the positive or the negative? It’s really that simple.

My doctor didn’t say ‘You can never run again’. He just said ‘not now, until we figure some things out.’ We can get so dramatic sometimes. We make a drama movie out of negative thoughts and play that movie in our heads over and over again if we don’t practice mindfulness.

Changing your ways/habits/routines and creating a new one is hard. Our bodies memorize our actions – our actions become our habits, and those habits are hard to break. So let’s see what there is to learn on the other side of this challenge.

Wellness WisdomChange your thoughts, change your mind. Change your mind, change your health.

How To Create Change:

  • Focus on the Positive – Set your goal and make a list of the positive outcomes from your new goal. Write it on a sticky note and post them in various places to be seen often.
  • Give it a Timeline – cut it back in achievable blocks – ‘Just for Today…’
  • Be your own Cheerleader – think of other times that you’ve faced a challenge and overcame the obstacles to get to the other side.
  • Acceptance – change is not punishment, it is a challenge; use it to practice awareness. This is where you discover the lesson.
  • Patience – ‘….thy Will be done’ (God’s Will, not mine)

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