Body is a Vessel

I am a soul in a body, not a body with a soul.

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

We are not machines….

I use to think of the human body as a miraculous machine. Miraculous because it self-regulates to adjust to our environment. It can also repair broken bones and heal itself from illness among many other autonomic functions. But the craziest realization is that a single cell will divide, multiply and grow to form various parts i.e cell, tissue, organ, organ systems.

A heart muscle has a completely different function than a quadricep muscle, but yet it is formed from the SAME cell!
Cell differentiation in color!

In other words, one cell divides multiple times and is directed to become different organs and muscles with various functions. Each compliment each other and work in tandem to perform together as one. How do theses cells know where to go and what to do?! MIRACULOUS! But we are not machines…..

Athletes push their body physically to overcome limitations breaking records that we never imagined possible. And along with our physicality, the human body comes equipped with a computer system. Our built-in CPU (brain) processes information from our environment and from our five senses. But remember, our brain is just our CPU, not our soul. So who is the programmer?

These are questions that I have come to realize – our body is more than a machine. It is a living organism that we cannot take for granted. We should take care of our bodies. Respect it. Nourish it. Exercise it. Simply nurture our body as if it were a small child, or even our pet – as some take better care of our pets, than our own body.

Our physical body is separate from our spiritual body. There are many references in the Bible speaking to our body as a vessel. We are not our own. We are miraculously designed to be IN this world to serve a higher purpose, but not to become OF this world and forget our purpose.

It is up to us to practice control, pay attention, and become aware instead of functioning day in and day out in auto-pilot. We are not machines that are meant to be left alone and expected to function optimally on demand with a push of a button. We cannot trade our body in for a new one when it breaks down or becomes less functional.

The four Pillars of Health will help maintain your body and boost your immune system – Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxation, Sleep.

We have no control over pollutants in the air or in our food. These pollutants attack our bodies on a daily basis. Most of the time the attack is subtle. However, the negative effects manifest a few years later or even many years later. We may not have control over our natural environment, but we do have control over what we put in our bodies.